Soot Lab

High-pressure vessel in Soot lab 1 allows us to investigate flame at elevated pressures up to 30 bar, which is highly relevant to practical combustion processes.

An ongoing study is to investigate the effects of pressure on soot formation in CH4 Inverse Diffusion Flames in the pressure range of 1-20 bar. An inverse co-flow configuration of the burner is used which resembles that of an Auto-thermal Reformer (ATR), where Oxidizer flows through the inner annulus and is surrounded by fuel. Soot produced in an ATR can affect the efficiency of the process and can deactivate the catalyst. Hence, our goal is to understand the behavior and production of soot in Inverse Diffusion Flames under ATR conditions.

The vessel is well equipped with laser-based diagnostics techniques, which enables us to understand the pressure effect on flame structure, PAH and soot concentrations yield. This is the first study to report data of IDFs at high pressure.