Current work on CVCC: Ammonia combustion

Ammonia is a promising, but weakly reactive, carbon-free fuel and a promising hydrogen carrier for renewable energy. Currently, we are investigating the turbulent flame speed (ST) of stoichiometric ammonia/oxygen/nitrogen mixtures under oxygen enrichment conditions and elevated pressure. Below are samples of the results

For NH3/O2/N2 turbulent flames, the O2% is ranged from 0.25 to 0.4. Figure 3 shows an example of turbulent ammonia flame propagation. 

Figure 3

 The results shown in Fig. 4 indicate that the ammonia in 25% O2 mixtures shows self-similarity and all the data collapsed into a power correlation curve. And that da agrees well with the CH4/air flames at Φ= 0.9 and CH4/H2/air flames at Φ = 1.