Burning Characteristics in Real Combustion Environments



​Development of surrogates for Diesel Fuel using regression methodology with following target Properties:
  • ​H/C
  • Density
  • Derived Cetane Number
  • Carbon Type Mole Fraction                                                     
  • Distillation Curve



Extensive validation of surrogate fuels with single cylinder Engine Experiments:

  • Comparison of Heat Release rate across RPM and Load Range.
  • NOx, HC,CO &Soot Vs Torque
  • Ignition delay with pressure traces and IQT
  • BSFC and ISFC
  • Full Load and Partial load performance in steps of 200 RPM and 10% load.
  • Effect of boost pressure and EGR on torque and emissions during full load and partial load tests

Experimental investigation of laminar & turbulent burning characteristics of Diesel and its surrogates at high pressures and temperatures

  • ​Analysis of spherical flame in terms of
  • Markstein lengths
  • Flammability limits
  • Stretch rates for the onset of flame Instabilities​ ​

Burning_Char_ResearchImage3 Burning_Char_ResearchImage5 Burning_Char_ResearchImage4