Ossama Mannaa

PhD Students

PhD Students


Research Interests

Experimental studies on laminar and turbulent burning velocities of primary, binary and tertiary liquid fuels under engine-like conditions. Also part of my research is related to the electric field assisted combustion and the mutual interaction between electric field and flame dynamics. This research is directed toward the applications to internal combustion engines, gas turbines, burners, rocket propulsion, and fire and explosion safety.

Selected Publications

  • A comprehensive experimental and modeling study of 2-methyl-butanol combustion
       S. Park, O. Mannaa, F. Khaled, R. Bougacha, M. Mansour, A. Farooq, S.H. Chung, S.M. Sarathy
       Combust. Flame, 162:5, 2166-2176 (2015)
  • Laminar Burning Velocities at Elevated Pressures for Gasoline and Gasoline Surrogates Associated with RON 
       O. Mannaa, M. S. Mansour, W. Roberts, and S.H. Chung
       Combust. Flame 162:6, 2311-2321 (2014)


  • MS, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, 2012
  • BS, The American University in Cairo (AUC), 2009