Alaaeldin Dawood

Research Group Staff

CCRC Center Research Officer​


Research Interests

Research interests and expertise centers on experimental internal combustion engine research to understand the influence of turbulence and engine configurations on ignition, autoignition, flow/flame interaction, emissions and cyclic variability measurements. Such studies include optical access engines where advanced laser diagnostic techniques and imaging are applied. Other research areas included studying the effect of using biofuels and their blends on diesel engines performance and emissions; combustion instability, flame structure, flame stabilization and flame structure under turbulent conditions for both premixed and diffusion flame

Selected Publications

  • Quenching of premixed turbulent flames in curved wall-jet burner
       M. S. Mansour, A. Dawood, S. H. Chung
       28th ECM, Sweden, (2013) 
  • Outwardly propogating spherical flames with non-uniform AC electric fields in atmospheric pressure
       A. Dawood, S. H. Chung, M. S. Cha
       9th ASPACC, Korea, (2013) 
  • Study in flame stabilization in curved wall jet burner with time resolves OH PLIF and PIV
       A. Dawood, M. S. Mansour, S. H. Chung
       Ninth International Conference on Flow Dynamics, Sendai, Japan, (2012)
  • Experimental Evaluation of Diesel Engine Performance and emission using blends of jojoba oil and Diesel fuel
       A. S. Huzayyin, A. H. Bawady, M. A. Rady, A. Dawood
       Energy Conversion and Management, 45, 2093-2112, (2004)


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK, “Combustion and Flow Characteristics in a Disc-Shaped Spark Ignition Engine”, 2011
  • Prerequisite courses for PhD study in Cairo University, Egypt, 2003-2005.
  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, BHIT, Benha University, Egypt, “Effect of Alternative Fuel on Internal Combustion Engine Performance and Pollution”, 2003
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, BHIT, Benha University, Egypt, 1995.

Professional Profile

  • 2013-present: CCRC Lab Manager, KAUST
  • 2011-2012: Postdoctoral Fellow, KAUST
  • July, 2011: Senior Lecturer, Benha University, Egypt.
  • 2006-2011: PhD Student, School of Mechanical Engineering, Leeds University, UK.
  • 2003-2006: Lecturer assistant, Benha University, Egypt.
  • 1995-2003: Demonstrator, Benha University, Egypt. 
  • 1996-1997: Planning and Management Officer, Civil Services Sector, Egyptian Military Forces