CCRC Town Hall

17 March, 2022

On 1st March the Student Advisory Committee organized a biannual CCRC Town Hall (Special Seminar). 

It started with the conversation with Professor Hong Im and Associate Professor Deanna Lacoste about their career paths, the struggles they had in the beginning and now, how had they decided to go to academia, what is a sabbatical leave and some advice to students on how to choose the research topic, a supervisor, on how efficiently work and not burn out. The moderator was Christopher Wagstaff, a SAC member. 

The second part of the seminar was dedicated to distributing the certificates and awards. 

The certificates were given out as a recognition of mock quals volunteers. Every semester the SAC hosts mock Ph.D. qualification exams to help CCRC students excel in their qualifiers. The students that helped are: 

  • Mohammed Almomtan
  • Ali Elkhazraji
  • Ruslan Khamedov
  • Samir Chavez
  • Vigneshwaran Sankar
  • Niraj Panthi
  • Suliman Abdelwahid
  • Christopher Wagstaff
  • Nursulu Kuzhagaliyeva
  • Mohamad Abou Daher
  • Tairan Wang
  • Yitong Zhai
  • Giuseppe Pezzella
  • Myriam Belmekki
  • Khalid Alhazmi

Afterward, in acknowledgment of all dedication that makes the CCRC one of the world's leading combustion research centers, the Student Advisory Committee announced the CCRC Outstanding Awards for the year 2021. The awards were given in three different categories: 

  • Volunteer - Nawaf Alghamdi
  • Research - Earnesto Thachil
  • Academic - Mhanna Mhanna

The last but not the least, on December 2021 new SAC members were elected for the year 2022. As a sign of appreciation and gratitude, the Clean Combustion Research Center's director Professor William Roberts handed out as a thank you for the hard work and dedication to the previous 2021 SAC members; Nawaf Alghamdi, Nicole Laws, Mohammed Almomtan, Myriam Belmekki, Mhanna Mhanna, Mickael Silva. 

Please see photos from the Town Hall here